Business and Residential Pricing

Contract Rate                                                                                             $70.00 / hour

Contracted hourly rate for business customers who are on contract with PCExpress for onsite service for a guaranteed number of hours per month, customers also get guaranteed response times with a contract, please contact PCExpress regarding service contracts

Non-Contract Rate                                                                                   $85.00 / hour

For business customers who don’t require a contract but still want PCExpress to take care of their IT needs. Please contact PCExpress for any business related IT needs

Onsite Home w/in 15 mile radius of Ava                                             $60.00 / hour

For residential customers who would like a PCExpress Technician to come to their home for computer repairs, networking, and training, or any other IT related needs.

Onsite Home outside 15 mile radius of Ava                                       $70.00 / hour

For residential customers who would like a PCExpress Technician to come to their home for computer repairs, networking, and training, or any other IT related needs.

Networking Installation                                                                                  $99.00

Setup a new wireless network  that is secure and gives users the ability to roam freely within the range of their wireless network, reducing the need for cabling

Repair Pricing and Services

Computer Optimization                                                                                    $64.95

Internal cleaning, fan check, and windows update w/ diagnostic included

Standard Security and Performance                                                                 $89.95

Maximize computer performance, uninstall unneeded software, security and privacy software for virus and spyware protection, and updates

Advanced Security and Performance                                                               $139.95

Standard Security and Performance, restore cd, diagnostic, and windows updates, internal cleaning and fan check

Advanced Diagnostic                                                                                            $169.99

All rewards of advanced security and performance, plus privacy  and security software installed

One Time Data Backup or Transfer                                                                     $49.95

Backup computer files or transfer data to a new computer

Clean and Remove                                                                                                 $29.95

Format old hard drive and destroy without having to worry about data being stolen or left on the drive

Diagnostic                                                                                                                $40.00

Level 1 Diagnostic for all pc’s brought into repair to see if there is spyware or viruses, or to determine what is wrong with computer and and how to best fix computer

Level 2 Diagnostic                                                                                               $60.00

For computers brought into repair that won’t power on due to motherboard or powersupply issues

Computer cleaning                                                                                              $19.95

Internal cleaning of computer to get rid of dust out of fans, power supply, and CPU

Single Title Software Install                                                                                 $19.95

Install any utility or productivity software (software not included)

Software Suite Install                                                                                       $45.00

Install, troubleshoot, or repair any one software suite and also install updates available for software

Hardware Install                                                                                                  $49.95

Install any internal or external hardware device (hardware not included)

Operating System Install                                                                                    $54.95

Reinstallation of operating system with windows updates (software not included)

Insurance Estimate                                                                                               $60.00

If you need an insurance estimate for an insurance claim

Restore CD Creation                                                                                          $25.00

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